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Was your partner or one of your parents diagnosed with dementia? Then your life has become a lot more difficult, there’s no doubt about it. GeheugenSupport is here to offer a helping hand. We develop simple, practical products to support dementia patients who would like to continue to live at home independently.

In collaboration with our healthcare partners, including experts from the Dementia Support and Training Centre of the ‘De Wever Foundation’, the Alzheimer Association (Alzheimervereniging) and Geheugenwinkel Tilburg, dementia patients and their informal carers we seek suitable solutions to concrete issues and practical problems.

Two types of daily calendars

We are currently offering two products that have been thoroughly tested in a home environment and have proved their worth:

- the iMemorizer, a digital date and day display.
- the Daily Calendar, a practical calendar in an A4 ring binder.

Both products are very easy to use and offer a structured form of support.



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